Monday, March 05, 2007

MOSS 2007 - No Results renders differently in People scope

Within MOSS, there are two different web part instances to display the search results between the 'All Sites' tab and the 'People' tab. When you are on the all items tab, it is called the 'Search Core Results' web part, whereas in the People tab it is called the People Search Core Results web part. For some strange reason, the XSL for rendering the No Search results is different in these two pages. The core search page uses a span tag with a class of 'srch-description', whereas in the people search, it uses a span tag with a class of 'ms-sbplain'. The ms-sbplain style often has a border around it because this style is used for the standard search entry input screen. Therefore the People search No Results message has borders around every peace of text that it renders. To fix the problem, switch to the People tag and edit the page. Edit the XSL associated with the People Search Core Results web part and replace the ms-sbplain style in the No Results section to srch-description.

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