Friday, April 04, 2008

Strange Behaviour when Editing a SharePoint Search Resuls Page

As part of the the work that I do with my own company (MS-Advantage), I get to work on a lot of interesting projects, as well as work with a lot of interesting partner/development companies.
For example, currently I am doing some work on the side with a Graphic Design company who have been charged with developing the branding for a global web site. I basically provide them with guidance on how to best use and develop with SharePoint, while they do the leg work of developing the master pages and page layouts.

While I was working on the project yesterday, the customer indicated that the Search results page was returning sites and list information that they did not want to appear. To resolve the issue, I went into the search results page, edited the core results web part to add an additional query to the results (Query2 and isdocument:1, which basically says 'only show pages or documents').

Well I checked in a draft version of the search results page and started to test that it worked. As the results returned was exactly what I was after, I then published the page (so that it would get picked up in that night's content deployment job). After publishing the page however, every time I navigated to the search results page (even without providing a search keyword), the search results that I had previously used while testing were still being displayed. I tried to roll back to previous versions, but that didn't help. In the end I had to open up the page in SharePoint Designer, AND TO MY HORROR SharePoint had injected the results HTML into my web page. Once I deleted this and saved it, I was then able to re-publish the page.

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