Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fab 40 Application Templates and Role-based My Site Templates Author

Tonight's SharePoint Conference's social evening was at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. During the night, I managed to catchup with Bob Sutton, Senior Product Manager within the SharePoint product group. After having a couple of drinks together (part of it on me unfortunately), we started to discuss the Application templates, and in particular the role-based My Site templates. How stupid did I feel when he said 'oh yeah, I wrote all of that!'. So now when I have questions (particularly about the My Site templates) I can go directly to the source. Thanks Bob!

I also got to meet Dave Page from Redmond Technology Partners, whose company was engaged by Microsoft to build the GearUp site, which is a site dedicated to providing IT professionals and business managers with timely resources and guidance through the SharePoint deployment cycle. It even includes an Internal Buzz Kit, which includes sample promotional emails, posters and PowerPoint slides - all vital pieces in the Communications Plan that all SharePoint projects should have (if you don't have one - get one. Otherwise your SharePoint project is likely to fail due to poor user adoption).

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Claudia said...


I would like to implement a custom Role-based My Site template, because non of the existing templates solve my problem. Do you know if this is possible, if it's documented somewhere?